Map Maker

Introducing Map Maker – a simple tool to create maps and display data.

Introducing Map Maker – a simple tool to create maps and display data. This no-code map creation tool empowers you to effortlessly incorporate data sources, stylise them and display them on the web in just a few simple steps.

Map Maker

Start with our proprietary custom base map. If you only need a simple map, center this map, set the zoom, add a marker if you like and then post on your website to show a location. If you have data to add, you can do this using a number of formats, all without requiring any code. Style the data, add a popup window to display data or photos. Then embed or share the url. All with no code!

Data Sources

Easily put your geospatial data to work and on display with our modular, low-code, and no-code tools. Unleash the potential to effortlessly craft vector tile data sources in mere minutes, revolutionising the way you harness and wield your own data.

Discover just how simple these tools are as we show how you can effortlessly visualise your geospatial data.


Display data from your PostGIS (postgresql) database on your map using vector tiles. The data display updates automatically when the data in your database updates. This is perfect for datasets that continuously update or very large datasets.


Try our easy drag-and-drop feature! Simply drag and drop your shape files to effortlessly create your personalised tile source, all seamlessly hosted by us. Unleash the power of simplicity in creating your very own tile source – it's that easy!


This tool is your ticket to transforming AirTable sources into dynamic vector tiles swiftly and effortlessly, all without the need for coding. With this user-friendly tool, you can effortlessly generate map tiles from your AirTable sources, ensuring seamless access and smooth navigation.

That's not all! To tailor your data presentation to match your map's style seamlessly, we present the Popup Generator. Our embedded no-code popup editor ensures a user-friendly experience, seamlessly enhancing your map customization. This tool allows you to convey information using custom elements such as images, links, paragraphs etc. and is fully customisable.

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