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Clockwork Micro makes it easier to work with geospatial data. We build tools to help other companies get the geospatial data they need, work with geospatial data and create the products they want to build.

Clockwork Micro was founded by Brendan Farrell as a side project in 2021 and has slowly grown to a small team. We're bootstrapped and focus only on building interesting products that grow out of interesting projects with new partners.

We had an office near Pioneer Square in Seattle prior to the pandemic, but grew distributed during the pandemic. Life by video leaves a lot to be desired, and so we hope to rebuild a Seattle office where people come because they want to meet and work together.

We have created a French entity and will soon start building a team in Paris. We look forward to working with people and companies there and in France and Europe.


Clockwork Micro is based in Seattle and Paris.




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