Elevation API

Learn more about our high resolution US elevation API.

Our Elevation API Service

Clockwork Micro provides a simple, highly accurate US elevation API that allows users to query locations in the United States. A query may be either a single latitude and longitude pair or an array of up to 100 latitude and longitude pairs.

What Makes Our Product Special

All of our data is from the USGS 3D elevation program’s ⅓ arc-second data, which allows us to provide the highest resolution. The average response time in the US is 250ms.

Why Choose Clockwork Micro

Clockwork Micro’s elevation API uses the most high resolution data available for the United States. Elevations have not been extrapolated or interpolated.

Case Studies / Examples of Uses

The Clockwork Micro Elevation API grew out of work with National Flood Data. National Flood Data provides flood-related data to insurance companies that issue flood insurance. Elevation is essential for these providers and they know it well. Flood insurance companies in Florida need elevation data to be accurate within one foot. National Flood Data and several of its Florida insurance partners evaluated several elevation services and found the USGS ⅓ arc elevation data set the most accurate. Clockwork Micro uses this data for the elevation API, and National Flood Data is the first customer.


Clockwork Micro is based in Seattle and Paris.




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